Power Meter

You can connect Power Meter to any electrical circuit in you home. You will get real-time data about energy consumption in standard measurement unit. You can sync measurements to the cloud server to visualize and analyze your energy consumption and create your own energy saving rules by using Zipato Rule Creator.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors can be placed in your home as stand-alone devices or as part of multi-sensor devices. You can use temperature measurements to program your heating and cooling devices. This way Zipato will act as very advanced thermostat which you can expand on using Zipato Rule Creator to create your own comfort scenarios.

Plug-in Switch

Simplest way to automate your lights or other home appliances. Just plug them in wall socket and use them as automated socket for any devices you want. You can control plugged devices over any internet-enabled device and automate them according to your will. You can also get detailed reports about energy consumption of connected appliance, and use this information for energy efficiency optimizations.

Plug-in Dimmer

Similar to switches but allows you to fine tune your lights on desired level. This way you can use Zipato to automatically set your lights to 80% if room is unocuppied or even turn them off after certain amount of time. Of course, lights will turn on automatically once someone enters the room. This way you can save up to 30% on your electricity bill.


Zipato solution combines video surveillance, door/window, motion and light sensors to provide unmatched protection from unwanted intrusions and other security issues. FREE 24/7 monitoring service sends real-time alerts through smartphone notifications, SMS and email.

Motion Detector

Motion sensor can fit variety of purposes when part of Zipato system. Zipato can use same motion detector for security, elderly care, energy saving and comfort purposes.

Shock Sensor

This highly sensitive vibration detector will detect even smallest vibrations. It can be put on walls to trigger an alarm in case of someone trying to break in through door or thin walls. You can easily setup your Zipato to whom it should send alerts and in what form (email, text message, phone call, twitter…).

Automatic Door-Lock

You can use Zipato system to control any electronic door Lock. This way you can lock/unlock door remotely over your phone, or program your Door Lock to lock automatically at desired time every day.

Glass Break Detector

You can place this detector in any room which has glass surfaces throughout which someone can break in to your home. It will detect specific glass break sound and trigger an alarm to Zipato. You can easily setup your Zipato to whom it should send alerts and in what form (email, text message, phone call, twitter…).

On-Off Switch

Zipato offers variety of remote switches, from micromodules that you can hide in your wall box to plug-in-switches that easily plug in your power outlet, enabling you to remotely power on/off connected appliances. Micromodule Motor Controller enables you to control and finely adjust position of your shutters or blinds.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor allows you to measure your room temperature levels. Various temperature levels can trigger various comfort scenarious e.g. automatically manipulating your HVAC equipment to achieve optimal ambient temperature.


Zipato dimmers can be used to automatically dim light levels to desired values. They can be part of complex scenarios using other devices like illuminance, door/window and motions sensors e.g. they can always dim to 80% when is unocuppied, or lights could be set to automatically change depending on illumination of the room.

IR Controller

Zipato IR extender can be used to remotely control infra-red HVAC and AV equipment e.g. Z-Wave thermostat can change room temperature by controlling the HVAC equipment through Zipato IR extender

Freeze Sensor

Prevents burst pipes and helps to protect your home from damage due to freezing.

Fire Sensor

Get alarm when presence of smoke is detected in your home. Set your home to automatically call for help if you are out of reach.

Gas Detector

This Wireless natural gas detector provides rapid warning about leak of natural gas (Methane CH4) commonly used for cooking, home and water healing. It would trigger an early alarm to Zipato which can than send alert according to your setup (email, text message, phone call, twitter…).

CO Detector

This detector would trigger an early alarm in case of detection of CO – colorless killer. You can easily setup your Zipato to whom it should send alerts and in what form (email, text message, phone call, twitter…).

Flood Sensor

Protect your house in case of flood. Get alerted in early stage and shut down ventile remotely or set Zipato to do it automatically.

Zipato Architecture

Complete automation platform including local controllers, cloud servers, user and admin applications that all work together seamlessly.

Zipato Agent – the heart of the system

Connect everything – the Zipato Agent is the software which run inside every Zipato controller.Supporting all popular automation standards, the Zipato Agent will connect all devices and manage them locally.

Zipato Agent powers all Zipato controllers

Zipato Applications – complete control anywhere, anytime

On the road, from your office or while lying on a tropical beach, you can control your home anywhere. You can have complete control of your house from the screen of your PC, smartphone or any other internet-enabled device.

Zipato Rule Creator – easy, yet powerful way to automate things

Zipato Rule Creator is an easy and intuitive web-based graphical tool that allows you to easily create and modify your automation rules. Press play to see how to build a simple home rule.